'Roger Taylor' performed by

Erwin van Welie


When Erwin was 8 years old, he started taking drum lessons from John Derks. After a few years, he was playing 5 nights a week with several drum corpses and orchestras. He learned to play intuitively from the heart, and to be the heart of an orchestra.

At high school he joined the school band. That was his first experience playing in a band. After high school he went to the Conservatory in Tilburg, and studied classical percussion for a while. In 2010 he was asked to fulfill the drummer spot at the blues/rock band The Marquees, and recorded an EP (listen to it HERE) That wasn’t enough, so he joined some punk and hardcore bands, and also started a punk rock karaoke band, called Sing Along Riot.

In 2014, Ward Palmen asked him to join the Guns N’ Roses tribute GUNZ N’ ROZES (now called Smoking Guns). A year later, he also joined the KISS tribute band KISS LICKSS, wearing full make up and spandex clothing, to bring a tribute to Eric Carr.

” The music of Queen should always go on “


And now we’re here: Queen. Roger Taylor has a very unique playing style, straight from the heart. It’s a privilege to bring an honor to this great rock drummer.

The most famous show of Queen is without a doubt the one at Wembley Stadium, London – England 1986. That show was part of the Magic Tour.

Erwin plays the same type of drum kit Roger used during the Magic Tour. He tries to perfectly approach the feel and style of Roger.

Erwin playing the drums
Erwin van Welie

Tour Dates

Providentia, Gendt (NL)
Evenemententerrein, Wolvega (NL)

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